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Jan 31 - FEB 5

Retreat in our own tropical paradise...

Our stunning location is quiet, comfortable and spacious. Be at home in our private eco dome resort, located on an idyllic and authentic Thai island, only half an hour by speedboat from Phuket. For seamless arrivals and departures, we will get you there and back.

With magical offerings from nature...

These very special retreats connect us to nature and offer a safe and comfortable environment for digital and physical detox, sacred Kambo, cacao ceremonies, teacher plant ceremonies, spirit quests, ritual flower bathing, group journeys, coaching and integration, conscious movement, music, sound, energy healing and activation.  

Of course, there is also an abundance of clean macrobiotic food, Sacred Body Rituals all-natural amenities, yoga, meditation, onsite sauna/steam, options for fitness, Thai massage, acupuncture, and adventure!

These offerings can bring you to a state of clarity, wholeness, and connection to something greater than yourself. 

Our practitioners, healers, and hosts come with decades of experience and references. You will be in gentle and competent hands.  

Due to the resort's size and to maintain the integrity of the modalities offered, we limit group size to 8-10 participants.

Travel. Connect. Expand

Join us for a week of wellness, detox, spiritual cleansing, healing, great food, beautiful connections, sublime locations & MORE! 

an Eco-Playland for the spiritual & Creative

Join us in this inspiring location! 

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Sacred Body Retreat 2020 (pdf)





Venus has spent the last 15 years exploring and facilitating energy healing, movement and creative arts.

She has a special place in life for ceremony, ritual and other Jedi shenanigans including teaching people how to evolve their psychic senses.  



Kit got his chops up as Phuket's concierge extraordinaire for many years.  

While he finds a deep communion with the

plant medicines, Kit also translates this love into creating vegan dishes designed to bring healing to the body.




Amy's love for travel and nature lead her on a lifelong foray into providing special experiences for people on all levels.  

On top of that, she adds a decade of medicine journeys to her belt and is the founder of Sacred Body Rituals & Kambo Thailand.


Welcome Home...

We look forward to sharing this very special exprience with YOU!



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We Welcome You & Honor Your Journey.