A Holistic Approach to recovery

Individually Designed Programs

In this deeply broken system, it is emerging that various addictions with their associated behaviors and health disorders are some of the most profound and complex healthcare problems facing individuals, families, and society. 

Our collective experience, observations, and intuition tell us that a treatment program designed around each person's own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs can finally help achieve long-lasting recovery. 

We take time and get to know our guests.  We then carefully design everything – the location and environment of our accommodation, the many workshops and treatments that we offer, and of course, the food that we serve.  We’ve put our best minds together to ensure that we provide the best possible support for achieving long-lasting results. 

Our recovery programs are curated to each individual client, providing them with the tools and strategies to manage their own, often complex, circumstances.

Nurture in Nature

Recover in paradise and in comfort with every detail curated to promote focus, relaxation, healing, and recovery. 

Support from the Heart

 We are here to support you on your first step of recovery, firstly to understand your problems and then work with you on how best to treat them. 

Contact us and one of us will work with you to explore the range of issues and behaviors that we will be supporting you through.

Note: We do our best to work with and facilitate all complementary modalities and we only ever offer treatments for issues and behaviors that we are qualified to treat. 

If we really can't help, we say so.

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We are here to support you on the road to recovery...